EcoTrail Oslo


© Kai-Otto Melau

This weekend I shot the first edition of EcoTrail Oslo. A fantastic event in and around Oslo.

EcoTrail Oslo is a 80k ultrarace (also 45k and 18k) that goes in and around Oslo, Norway. EcoTrail Oslo is a CO2-neutral running race with very high environmental profile and they foster environmental awareness while enjoying Oslo`s urban and natural environment.



EcoTrail Oslo is a part of the EcoTrail family, who also have races in Paris, Brussels and Madeira. They all focus on the environment, being CO2-neutral and enjoying the urban and natural environment in and around big cities.


© Kai-Otto Melau

The main distance is 80k, but there was also the option to choose 45k or 18k for those who are new to ultra running. A couple of guys even tried out for 320k! – the longest distance 4 times. All in all about 1250 athletes completed one of the distances. Pretty good for being the first time the race was organized in Oslo.

My day in Oslo was fantastic! A few minor problems with no motorcycle to take me around, but it all worked out well in the end with the help of public transportation and a plain, old bicycle. My day started at 6am and ended close to midnight. That`s close to 18h of shooting! And what most people forget is that once the race is over a photographer have to edit all the pictures. To add to the stress this was also the weekend where I moved out of my old apartment and into my new place. But 2 days and 2 nights later I am all done.


This was also my first real assignment for Getty Images Sport – which added some stress, but it all worked out in the end (once I found a suitable internet connection).

Thanks to the organizers of EcoTrail Oslo for asking me to photograph this fantastic event! I really hope to shoot it again next year!

Below is a gallery of my favorite shots of the day. Enjoy!

_KOM0641.jpg_KOM0750.jpg_KOM1098.jpg_KOM0915.jpg_KOM0981.jpg_KOM1162.jpg_KOM0862.jpg_KOM1458.jpg_KOM1337.jpg_KOM1967.jpg_KOM0843 2.jpg_KOM0957 2.jpg_KOM0964 2.jpg_KOM1742.jpg_KOM1756.jpg_KOM0509.jpg_KOM0922 2.jpg_KOM1446.jpg_KOM1835.jpg_KOM1864.jpg_KOM1381.jpg_KOM0767 2.jpg_KOM1983.jpg_KOM2011.jpg_KOM2020.jpg

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