New kid on the Block – The Arctic Triple is here


© Kai-Otto Melau


Just before the summer I got in touch with Maria and XXLofoten. They had a huge plan to organize a triple race in Lofoten, probably the most beautiful and spectacular scenery Norway has to offer.





Fast forward and in late august it was time for a test race. I jumped on the plane and travelled far north for five days to shoot The Arctic Triple and Lofoten Triathlon.


© Kai-Otto Melau

Being this was my first time to Lofoten I was totally blown away by the nature and the people. I have travelled pretty much all over the world, from «The Big Apple» of NYC, to the vast plains of Africa and the snow-covered peaks of Tibet, but nothing compares to Lofoten. Seriously! If you haven`t been to Lofoten you should definetly put it on your bucketlist.

This being a test race there were only 14 athletes starting. The whole idea was to test the course, test the crew and support and shoot amazing pictures to «sell» the race for next years full edition. The days prior to the race was spent to shoot various pictures to promote future races, hang out with athletes and explore Lofoten.




© Kai-Otto Melau

I should have seen the signs in the days prior to the race when I needed help to carry my equipment up a small peak for a photoshoot, but I didn`t. On raceday I had fever, no voice and heavy coughing. I was not feeling ready to shoot a race like this at all. But as a photographer – no job, no pay. There are no sickdays in this line of work. But once in Lofoten I just couldn`t miss the chance to shoot a race like this – and it was totally worth it!

There are a lot of «the world`s toughest» or «the world`s hardest» races out there. Lofoten Triathlon is probably the toughest and the most beautiful race I have shot so far in my career. The athletes had to struggle with rough sea, strong headwinds and a technical trails that nobody had anticipated to be as hard as it actually was. I think most of the athletes were pretty surprised that this was so hard – guess they were fooled by the scenery.

The Arctic Triple will consist of three races – a Triathlon, an Ultra and some kind of ski race, yet to be decided. Below is a gallery with pictures from raceday.




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