The Arctic Triple – Lofoten Skimo

For the first time in my life Ive been invited to shoot a Skimo! A skimo, short for Ski Mountaineering, is basically skiing with randonèe ski`s – up and down as fast as you can.

Lofoten is one of my favourite places. When I was invited back to work with The Arctic Triple I said yes without even thinking for a second. I guess I should have thought about it a few seconds as I have never, ever tried randonèe before. Turned out to be a rough day…


_KAI8462.jpg_DSC1734.jpg_DSC1727.jpg_DSC1750x2.jpg_KAI8613.jpg_DSC1962.jpg_DSC2040.jpg_DSC1774.jpg_DSC1794.jpg_DSC2222 2.jpg_KAI9013.jpg

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