The Arctic Triple – Lofoten UltraTrail

The Arctic Triple – Lofoten UltraTrail is 100 miles trough spectacular scenery.


Going up north is an amazing experience. In early june I returned to Lofoten to shoot The Arctic Triple – Lofoten Ultratrail. My seventh time in just under two years visiting this beautiful part of Norway.

The Lofoten UltraTrail is one of three races organized under the The Arctic Triple banner. The others are a Skimo and a Triathlon. The races are tough, but most of all they showcase the beautiful and spectacular scenery this region has to offer. It is not so much a race as it is an experience, but believe me – when the race is on the athletes really get a move on!

Shooting a 100 miles ultratrail is a bit different than a lot of other races. They are quit slow, you have to move around a lot to get to the «right» spots and you don`t get a lot of sleep. A few hours in 48h if you are lucky.



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